Welcome to out first blog post - we hope it helps you de-stress!

Emotional First Aid Kit

In times of stress, the first thing to go is self-care. We are so busy reacting that we are sometimes unable to remember how to effectively look after ourselves

Something I have been doing with my Kinesiology clients is asking them to create a wellbeing or emotional first aid kit. In this kit, they create a reminder of all the things they know help them to feel and function better. Some of my clients use pictures. For example: a beach reminding them that they feel better when they go for a walk on the beach, someone in yoga pose, or an emergency contact list, reminding them to reach out to someone and talk things over. One client popped a very tiny bottle of water in her kit to remind her drink more water when she's stressed. Some people find sticky notes with thoughts or sayings that put things in to perspective for them are helpful

Think about the things you find comforting, helpful and restorative. You can write a list and hang it somewhere or you could get creative and make an actual emergency emotional first aid kit. Keel your list or kit in an easily accessible place and during times of stress, use it to remind yourself of the pathways to better self-care.