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How long does a session take?

Please allow an hour for each kinesiology session.

Your first naturopathic session will take an hour, with subsequent sessions between 30 & 60 minutes.

What should I expect in a kinesiology session?

I will talk with you about your concerns and what has brought you to KIT Health. If you haven’t had kinesiology before, I will talk to you about muscle testing and take you through a demonstration. Most of the time kinesiology is conducted on a massage table, however, if lying down is not possible for clients, sessions can also be done whilst seated. I recommend wearing loose comfortable pants and tops as we may be testing larger muscle groups.

What should I expect in a naturopathic session?

I will  talk through your concerns and what has brought you to KIT Health. I may, with your consent, perform some physical examinations such as taking your blood pressure, looking at your eyes, tongue, or nails. Together, we will formulate the next steps to move you towards your health goals.  

Can I have a kinesiology and naturopathic session combined?

Of course, they make an excellent combination.