To be honest, I really don’t know how kinesiology works, but it does!!

Thanks to you Marcella, my life has improved in areas that I thought were stuck the way they were going to be forever…for the past 8 years I’ve been having panic/anxiety attacks that had become so crippling that I was on medication.

Since trying kinesiology (as a last ditch effort) I am no longer on any medication, my confidence has sky rocketed so much so that I have changed jobs and am now studying at university as a mature age student – something I would never have had the courage to do. Also, my skin has stopped breaking out, my weight is back to what is was 10 years ago and I cant remember the last time I felt this much energy and contentment.

I still have mental blocks and have moments, but you have helped me tune in to myself and find the tools to cope when life throws a curve ball at me



I have had issues with my bowels since I was little kid, I always thought about seeing if kinesiology could sort me out. Anyway, I finally decided to make an appointment and after one session I couldn’t believe the difference it made. I’ve been keeping up with the recommendations made by Marcella and I feel so much relief.

It’s very exciting! Thank you again!


I have had issues with my bowels since I was little kid, I always thought about seeing if kinesiology could sort me out. Anyway, I finally decided to make an appointment and after one session I couldn’t believe the difference it made. I’ve been keeping up with the recommendations made by Marcella and I feel so much relief.

It’s very exciting! Thank you again!


I first came across Kinesiology about a year ago, when a friend recommended Marcella to me.

I was dealing with a very stressful time in my marriage, struggling to cope and was feeling very overwhelmed. I didn’t have any understanding of what Kinesiology was but was desperate to find something to help me process how I was feeling. Marcella took the time to listen to me, find out what I was going through and work through some solutions.

I felt secure and safe in her care and felt that I could really open up to her. Over the course of a few months things really changed for me, I found a strength in me that I was desperately needing to find. It was a very interesting experience, one that really helped me through an extremely difficult time in my life.

I am extremely grateful for Marcella’s wisdom and care and couldn’t recommend her services highly enough.


My perspective has changed for the better and I feel like a lot of negative blocks have been removed. My perspective feels renewed, in particular with my relationship, very positive!

Thanks again for all your help, i believe it made a massive difference.


Thanks. Picked up the Magnesium Bath Salts this morning.

When I read about being in the bath for 30 minutes I was wondering how I was going to manage that!

Within the first 5 minutes I felt this sudden wave of relaxation wash over me, the water felt soft, there’s a subtle aroma.

Wow! They are amazing, I didn’t want to get out of the bath, I feel so relaxed.

Thank you for an amazing product.


Brilliant progress. Thanks a load! 

O. B.

I have been working with Marcella doing the TBM reset for only a few weeks now, and am thrilled with the progress I have made. I was hoping to make at least a small change to help a recent injury to my sacrum, for which I was facing the prospect of surgery.

I had quite a low expectation because I felt that I had “tried everything” – Medical, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Myotherapy, Massage, Acupuncture,

Dry Needling, Physiotherapy and various rehabiliative exercises and more. 

I noticed an immediate improvement in my sacral pain after the first session and was able to drive home in relative comfort for the first time in over 6 months.

In the following weeks my pain levels were receded to the point where I was able to sit for longer and longer periods and again enjoy basic

things such as sitting down at dinner with my family or watch a movie without having to pace the floor! I would highly recommend

this process as a starting point for healing to anyone.


When I met Marcella, I was basically a ball of barbed wire.

Our family were showing signs of being swamped under ‘stuff’, like reassuring others, remembering meds, keeping the calm. Me not working, driving to and from Melbourne, hating chemo but not hating chemo.

I couldn’t find any happiness in me, and I was always the happy one, I knew the ‘real Lisa’ was still in there, but I couldn’t seem to get her out.

Then Marcella made me stop for a second – which turned out to actually be an hour – I was so nervous about what ‘cats would be let out of the bag’ and what they would do. 

Well! It wasn’t the cats, Marcella did something barely noticeable to me, and then, without any thing truly remarkable happening I felt lighter and freer and I was laughing – I’m still smiling! inside and out! For no particular reason! Everything just seems to be so much…better !!!!

I have never felt this positive and centred, I now even know what centred means! And I use too many !!! ‘s because that’s how “up” I feel.

You allowed me to sail through a day that I’d been petrified of and you have given me the peace to enjoy every day the same way.

Wow!!!!  Marcella !!! I cannot thank you enough!!!

You gave me the gift I needed above all others.

Thank you from the bottom of my soul!


I found the diet easy to follow and making sure I was organised was the most important thing. I used a timer on my phone to remind me when to eat. I avoided going out for dinner during the diet as this would be too challenging.

The changes I noticed during the 4 weeks I was on the protocol:

– Brain Fog which was quite bad at the beginning of the diet took 2 weeks to lift completely, that marked a massive positive change. I could think again.
– I had thrush on and off since I was 17 yrs old, since then I have tried to correct the imbalance, this is the only thing that has had lasting results.          Amazing!
– My nails were always brittle and weak, now they are strong and healthy.
– My grey hairs have stopped appearing so quickly and regularly.
– My complexion is much more settled, not as oily and I am no longer getting any small pimples.
– With the die off of candida I felt very melancholy and a bit depressed, I knew this was one of the side effects. Which made it easier.
– I can now eat wheat products again, without feeling sick!

Throughout the process I felt pretty tired and delicate, I told myself this is a moment in time and I gave myself permission to sleep or do nothing when I wanted, to take the pressure off always having to achieve something. I needed the space for my body to heal.

Happy for you to pass this on to any future clients.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support throughout this process.

A. C.

I have the good fortune to work with Marcella of KIT Health on my lack of will power in the face of sugar/processed sweet foods, chocolate, ice-cream etc. These cravings in me have been a source of challenge all my life. I’d have periods where I would be able to control my desires for sugar but inevitably I would slip back and undo all my hard work.  

Marcella explained that there was a problem with my body not processing sugar to it’s benefit and also the possibility of one or more sugar parasites in my body. I agreed to Marcella’s suggestions regarding working on my sugar desires because she too had used the process on herself. 

Marcella worked on me using the tools of Kinesiology for about three months. This time required me to follow an eating plan which, surprising to me, became very satisfying to follow. My motivations to stay with the eating plan for as long as it took involved all the hard work Marcella put into working energetically with me at each visit and the fact that, as we progressed, I did not want to waste all the effort, time and money spent by Marcella and myself.

Now I have ‘passed’ the sugar challenge I find that I can look at all the organic chocolates at the health food shop and not need to buy any – not even my previous ‘favourite’. I can go into a coffee shop and smell the freshly baked muffins and not need to buy one. I prefer eating plain, natural yoghurt where prior to the work that would have been the last thing I would have eaten. And my previous favourite Greek yoghurt tasted so sweet when I tried some the other day.

Not surprisingly, psychological issues around keeping myself ‘sweet/fulfilled’ with sugar have surfaced and I’m gratefully working on them with Marcella’s kinesiology tools.


I started the Automatic Protocol & Recovery Program as I was feeling tired & stressed. I felt my body wasn’t working to its full potential.

I commenced it on a Saturday after seeing Marcella. We had discussed earlier what the program entailed so I embarked on this journey.

I had to get prepared as I work and make sure that I had everything at home ready to get started.

The first few days were awful and I felt as if my brain was in a huge fog. I found also that my biggest craving was coffee. To me everyone in the street seemed to be carrying or having one.

Marcella suggested a coffee substitute which was also healthy and it helped as I felt I had something warm in my hand when I had that craving. I also felt hungry most of the time so eating every hour was not a problem, the portion size was. I had to work out that I could not have meals every hour so food like grass fed turkey and a slice of tomato or a slice of cheese and celery were better options.

I had to get organised with food each day but I was really starting to feel the benefits.

I finished the two weeks having a blow out meal before visiting Marcella on the Saturday. Unfortunately for me, my sugar did not hold. I decided to commence another two weeks and I knew it would be a challenge but was it worth it? A definite yes!

I found my sleeping patterns were improving and I was actually tired the same time every night. I also did not have the cravings I used to have and I had lost weight around my abdomen. I was feeling really great.

Once again I had blow out meal before visiting Marcella and again my sugar did not hold. I was tested for a sugar parasite and I came up positive. I wanted to continue on this journey so it meant I would continue on the program and have to increase my water intake quite a lot to rid me of this parasite. The first day I felt so nauseated and Marcella advised me to drink orange juice. I did not have to get to that point as the nausea passed.

Marcella was with me all the way, always encouraging me and giving me advice throughout the program. I could not have done this without her.

I got rid of my parasite and I felt fantastic. I still watch what I eat and my body now tells me if some food disagrees with me.

It is well worth the journey and embarking on this amazing program.