Kinesiology is a therapy that speaks to the whole human being, not just the pathology or presenting symptom. Muscle testing is used to provide a bridge between what you know consciously and what your body knows is needed for your innate healing and well-being.



Society continues to dumb down our ideas on our body's essential intelligence and healing power by encouraging us to look for answers outside ourselves. Yet every day our bodies renew and replace their own components; breathe for us; digest, process and distribute our food intake as useable fuel; heal a myriad of injuries and ward off attack from an ever present army of would-be invaders. The body does all this and more without a single conscious thought from us.

This is not to say that the body can heal, adjust and optimise to all situations without our help. Symptoms are the body's language to alert us to an action required. However, we have long stopped listening to our bodies and in doing so, have forgotten how to understand what our bodies are trying to tell us. Kinesiology can help us understand this physical language and facilitate the body's power to heal and function at optimum capacity.

Kinesiology is not an answer; however when used properly, it is a precise and sensitive tool to help find the answer within you.